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The Silk Road

The world’s most iconic network of trade routes that flourish organically and connected Asia, Europe and Africa
Ancient global superhighway that linked East and West.
A contribution of many civilizations, the Silk Road paved the way to world trade; rich cultural, scientific, technological and religious exchanges, and shaped our interconnected world today.

Festival at a Glance

Multicultural Festival featuring arts, cultures, food, travel and technology.
Social Enterprise Project promoting community interaction, exploratory experiences and more…
Theme:  Bridging Cultures, Engaging Communities, Inspiring Discoveries.
Date:  July 6 & 7, 2019
Venue:  Vancouver Art Gallery, North Plaza
Attendees:  Consumer
Admission:  Free

Partners & Exhibitors

Showcase and share your fascinating arts and cultures, delicious foods, alluring places and cutting-edge technologies.
Capitalize on marketing and revenue opportunities.
Strength your brand and stimulate engagement.
Enhance your public diplomacy.
Connect with and support cultural diversity in all the communities you serve and more…

Countries on the Silk Road

What Others Say About The Silk Road

The Silk Roads once dominated global trade and cultural exchange. Now they are rising again. – Peter Frankopan, NewStatesman

A place of adventure and invention.  The road that helped set Europe on a path of unstoppable change, triggered a golden age and the rise of the West. – Dr. Sam Willis, historian and broadcaster, BBC documentary: The Silk Road

The most influential people moving along the Silk Road were refugees. Waves of immigrants brought technologies from their respective homelands, practicing those skills or introducing motifs in their new homes. – Valerie Hansen, Yale professor, historian and author of The Silk Road: A New History, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

About the Festival

Silk Road Festival - Vancouver Art Gallery, North Plaza

Outdoor multicultural festival featuring cultures and exchanges between East and West

The two-day festival showcases arts, food, travel and technology from countries with affiliation to the Silk Road Routes.

North America Asean Consultants Inc.(NAAC), a Vancouver-based firm specializing in business and tourism consulting, public and media relations, and event management.

Since 1990, NAAC has organized many local and international events including arts and cultural exhibitions and performance tours across multiple Canadian and US cities, the World Culinary Travel Expo at EAT Vancouver and the Thai Festival.

Silk Road Festival - North America Asean Consultants Inc.
Silk Road Festival - MOSIAC

MOSAIC is an acronym for Multi-lingual Orientation Services Association for Immigrant Communities.

Established in 1976, MOSIAC  is a registered charity and a leading settlement and employment services agency in the Lower Mainland assisting newcomers to Canada at 26 locations.

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The Global EAT and Travel Network Connecting Food to People and Places. We provide news, editorials, opinions, current events on food, people and places worldwide.

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Silk Road Festival

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