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  • Silk Road Festival - Creative Zone
  • Silk Road Festival - Creative Zone
  • Silk Road Festival - Creative Zone
  • Silk Road Festival - Creative Zone

Artisan | Creative Zone

Interactive Map –  Silk Road Cities

Silk –  a medium for artistic exchange that transcended cultural, political and religious barriers 

Harvard University – Silk Road World Map

What Others Say About Silk Road Art

The Silk Road not only linked commerce between East and West, but also created a robust exchange and development of artistic traditions and crafts

The blending and dissemination of art is closely related to the larger context of the travel of people, their beliefs, ideas, and technology. – John Major, The Arts of the Silk Roads

Master Artisans

Uzbek Embroidery

Sanjar Nazarov

Meet UNESCO Award of Excellence master embroiderer Sanjar Nazarov who creates stunning textile art using centuries-old techniques handed down through his family.

Nazarov learned to make suzani from his father and grandfather. Suzani  is a traditional Central Asian embroidered and decorative tribal textile commonly seen in household throughout Central Asia, particularly in Uzbekistan.

Designs are usually vibrant and dramatic in colour and pattern.  The base fabric and thread is cotton or silk.

In the old-city of Bukhara, Nazarov runs a workshop with artisans and apprentices stitching beautiful embroidery on dresses, ladies accessories and home furnishing.

Over the years, Nazarov has participated in many international events in the United States, Russia, Japan and Hungary.

Korean Pottery

Junghong Kim

Showcasing Korean culture in clay is Vancouver-based master potter Junghong Kim.  Kim’s pursuit for ceramic craft began over twenty-five years ago while still living in Korea.

Celadon pottery is one of his specialties.  Master Kim apprenticed with a Korean Celadon Master for seven years. He continued mastering his celadon techniques after coming to Canada.

Kim will be demonstrating pottery making demonstration at the festival.  His works were featured at the Museum of Vancouver last fall.  Kim’s pieces are created from Korean clay.  For him, working with clay is a way to connect to his Korean roots and native home.  Read more



Marketplace Artisans

Phulkari Textile

Ravinder Kumar

Phulkari (flower work) embroidery runs in Ravinder Kumar’s DNA.  Originating from Patiala in Punjab, India, he and his siblings learned the craft from his mother,

Lajwanti, a master artisan who was granted the Rashtrapati Award (1995) – India’s National Honour for keeping the tradition and the art alive.  He noted that his family is the only family who has won several National Awards in Phulkari craft.

The traditional embroidery is hand-stitched on khaddar (handspun cotton) with vegetable dyed silk threads, and used for special and ceremonial occasions.  It’s the ancient textile of Punjab.

Kumar has participated and conducted Phulkari workshops in several internationally fairs including the International Craft Exhibition, traditional craft program organized by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Silk Art

Susanna Rezgo

Each piece of Susanna Rezgo’s beautiful work is unique, hand painted and dyed on 100% natural fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin, crêpe de chine.

A Georgian Canadian, Rezgo’s work is a reflection of merging east and west culture through art.  Rezgo engages different Batik (wax resist-dyeing) techniques: hot, cold and water colour as well as Shibori and Arashi, both Japanese tie dye techniques in her art.

Her hand painted silk accessories including scarves, wraps, tops, dresses, cushions, decorative panels are produced using high quality non toxic French silk dyes and hot wax.

In batik, when her artwork is completed and the dye is dry, the silk piece is steamed for two to three hours to set the dye.  This enhances the colour brillance and ensures the silk is colourfast and washable.

Fine Art


Artist Harem paints enduring portraits of refugee children. Through his painting, he hopes to express the emotions and raise awareness around the plight of these children.

He was once one of them.  When his homeland, Iraqi Kurdistan was destroyed during the Iraq War, he and his family had to flee and landed in a refugee camp where he grew up.

Today, Harem helps refugee children at the Immigrant Service Society, and also do face painting at different events.

Arts and Craft Demo

Paper Art


Waqar draws her artistic inspiration from nature, love and her own cultural heritage.  She does not sketch out her designs.  Each artwork is created from imagination.

Waqar is originally from Baghdad, Iraq.  A Science graduate, she taught Math in a local high school in Baghdad until the Iraq War broke out.  She had to move to Damascus, Syria.  When the civil war began, she was displaced again.

In 2015, arrived in Canada where she can finally enjoy peaceful living, and be able to pursue her artistic passion.

Fused Glass

Studio 73 Artists

Developmental challenges do not inhibit these thriving artists from producing some of the most beautiful and functional glassware, decorative pieces and wearable art.

Studio 73 is a social enterprise of the Community Living Society.  Based in Surrey, BC, the studio provides employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to express their artistic vision in a meaningful way while making an income.

These artists use techniques of molding and fusing glass to bring their designs to life.

Wood Carving

Richmond Woodcarvers

For over 30 years, the Richmond Carvers Society has been promoting woodcarving as a hobby and an art form.  Wood carving is one of the most ancient crafts practiced by

virtually every culture.  Wood carved artworks are as popular in the past as they are in the presence.

Richmond Carvers Society members will be demonstrating wood carving and selling their creative pieces.  Love to explore or enhance your skills and talents?  The society welcome new members of all experience levels.

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