Who are the Exhibitors?

  • Government Entities
  • Tourism and Travel Related Organizations
  • Cultural Associations and Societies
  • Food and Beverage: Producers,
    Distributors, Retailers, Restaurants & Caterers
  • Arts & Crafts, Technology: Innovators, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

Type of Exhibitors

Food and Beverage (non-alcoholic)

Tempt taste buds with your delicious cuisine, food and beverage products such as specialty coffee, tea, juices, etc. Bonus: you keep 100% of all sales revenue.

Arts & Culture

Showcase your exquisite handcrafted work, e.g. jewelries, carvings, paintings and textiles.


Connect and help visitors fulfill their dreams with your exciting travel packages.


Feature and/or market your latest inventions and technology related products and services.


There’s space for everyone! If you don’t fit into the above categories, you’ll likely fit in perfectly as a promotional exhibitor.

Why Exhibit?

  • Showcase and market your products and/or services to a motivated, target multicultural audience
  • Build and strength your brand awareness, engagement and loyalty
  • Establish real face time with your prospects and customers
  • Develop leads, Conduct a survey or product test and more…
  • Support intercultural appreciation


  • 10k + from Metro Vancouver and around the world
  • Arts, Culture, Travel, Food, Technology Enthusiasts, Families and International Visitors

Exhibit space rental fee starts at CAD$249.00.

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