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Silk Road Festival

THEME  Bridge Cultures, Engage Communities, Inspire Discoveries

The Silk Road Festival is a social enterprise project that aims to enhance intercultural appreciation and community interaction, inspire travel and technological discoveries with ancient Silk Road aspirations.

On the ancient Silk Road, newcomers to the land interacted with locals fostering understanding, tolerance and respect for one other.

Social interaction of this nature is particularly pertinent in light of current world events.

The festival is produced by North America Asean Consultants Inc. in collaboration with MOSAIC.  Partial proceeds will go to fund MOSAIC programs.

This two-day outdoor multicultural festival features cultures and exchanges between East and West on the world’s famed historic trade routes through arts, food, travel and technology.

Highlights include cultural performances; food and beverage demonstrations and tastings; arts and crafts, travel, technology marketplace and exhibits from countries with affiliation to the Silk Road Routes.

A free event for the general public including families; lovers of arts, culture, travel and all things fun.

Why Host the Silk Road Festival in Vancouver?

  • Vancouver is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse modern metropolis on the Canadian West Coast.  The crossroads between East and West.
  • Its multicultural population has strong ties with countries alongside the Silk Road.
  • Vibrant arts and cultural scenes, diverse foodscape and innovative high tech hub.

Vancouver’s connection to the Silk Road dates back to the days of the Canadian Pacific silk trains. Between 1887 and the late 1930s, the Canadian Pacific locomotives loaded with bales of precious raw silk from the Far East rumbled out of the port of Vacouver bound for the silk mills in New York.

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