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Interactive Map –  Silk Road Cities

The Silk Road serves as a global highway for travel and spread of technological advancements 

Harvard University – Silk Road World Map

What Others Say About Silk Road Travel & Technology

A place of adventure and invention… – Dr. Sam Willis, historian and broadcaster, BBC documentary: The Silk Road.

The most influential people moving along the Silk Road were refugees. Waves of immigrants brought technologies from their respective homelands, practicing those skills or introducing motifs in their new homes. – Valerie Hansen, Yale professor, historian and author of The Silk Road: A New History, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization


Newcomer – Benefits and Credits

Canada Revenue Agency

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The talk will highlight the benefit and credit payments newcomers may be entitled to.  Some of the topics include benefits and credits available, how to apply for them.

Settling in a new country can be overwhelming.  To support individuals and families transition easier to their new home, Revenue Canada Agency has produced a video series for newcomers to Canada.  Click here to watch.

Assistive Technology

Neil Squire Society

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The presentation will showcase and explain some of the different solutions Neil Squire Society offers for people with disabilities and other barriers to their work related activities.

The solutions in the PowerPoint presentation will be hi-tech, lo-tech, and ergonomic in nature. Presenters will be talking about solutions for people with vision challenges, hearing challenges (Roger Pen) and ergonomic solutions they recommend most often and a few other surprises!


Malaysia Travel

Tourism Malaysia

Discover Malaysia – Truly Asia.  The country is one of Asia’s top destinations for adventure, food, fun and where the loonie can go a little further. Find out new and exciting happenings for Visit Malaysia 2020.

Puglia – Italy Travel

Fed. of Pugliese Social Clubs of BC

Live out your dreams in Puglia – Italy, where sun, sand, delicious food and wine, captivating attractions, and friendly locals welcome discerning visitors seeking a less travelled, relaxing holiday for a great value.

Asia, Africa & Europe

Personal Travel Mgt

Planning for your next vacation?  Explore Silk Road destinations: Mongolia, India, Morocco, Turkey, France & Spain with Yvette Crossley of Personal Travel Management, and get firsthand tips on must-see attractions.

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