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Silk Road Festival - Texana Rice

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All TEXANA rice products come with a written ‘money-back guarantee’ as a further commitment to our high standards.

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Interactive Map –  Origin of Crops

Food is an expression of cultural identity, a universal language that brings communities together  

Savouring Diversity on the Silk Road

What Others Say About Silk Road Food

The Silk Road wove a culinary heritage of countries it passed through and created tasty dishes that we savour today.

The wealth of the spice trade brought great power and influences… – UNESCO, What are the Spice Routes?

If the lure of silk was the road’s initial driving force, it soon welcomed pearls and gems, spices, carpets, glass, medicines, pottery, weapons. But it was food that kept it alive. — The Washington Post, The Flavor of the Silk Road

Culinary Hub Presenters

Royal Thai Consulate General in Vancouver

Food can bring comfort, nostalgia and smiles to faces.  That’s the experience Thai Chef Natawat loves visitors to enjoy with his delectable tom yum soup and coconut dessert.

Chef Natawat is a graduate of the Dusit Thani College hospitality industry program in Thailand.  He is currently the personal chef of the Royal Thai Consul General in Vancouver.

“Thai food is unique, it doesn’t taste too sour, spicy or sweet, just the right combination of flavours.We call it the Arroy taste in Thai, just like umami in Japanese,” said Natawat in his interview with GlobalEAT.

Experience Thailand at the 6th Thai Festival this July 13 & 14, 2019.

Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House

The eatery is best known for its “Xiao Long Bao”.  These Shanghainese  soup dumplings made by the loving hands of Chef Miao will keep you coming back.

The casual and family-friendly eatery offers Northern Chinese & Sichuan cuisine.  Aside from the broth-filled steamed pork dumplings, other popular dishes are tea smoked duck and lamb cumin.


Afghan Horsemen

Sample true Afghan cuisine by Canada’s first Afghani restaurant, serving Metro Vancouver for over 41 years.   You won’t want to miss their delicious Afghan ravioli and flatbread.

Aushak is Afghan Ravioli stuffed with leeks & cilantro, topped with yogurt and tomato veggie sauce  Boulany is Afghan flatbread stuffed with potatoes, green onions & cilantro.

The award winning restaurant offers scrumptious Afghani dishes for meat and vegetarian lovers in a Middle Eastern inspired ambience.

Federation of Pugliese Social Clubs of British Columbia

Savour the flavours of Puglia, Southern Italy.  Orecchiette (little ears), Puglia’s most renowned pasta, panzerotti and more.  Watch first hand how Italian ladies prepare these delicious Apulian cuisine.

At the festival, visitors can enjoy orecchiette topped with tomato sauce and Ricotta Forte cheese or cavatelli, small shell pasta originating from the Foggia in northern Puglia.

Or take a bite of  freshly deep fried panzerotti, an Apulian version of fried calzones filled with mozzarella and fresh tomato.

Love Italian food and wine, sun, beaches and unspoilt places.  Check out Puglia: Where Imaginations Come Alive.

Salathai Authentic Thai Restaurant

Watch Chef Bumpen Khangrang demonstrate how Papaya Salad is made.  When it comes to tasty Thai food, Salathai Thai serves up dishes that will make you pine for more.

Opened in 1986, Thai owner’s Joy and Sam Kongsilp wanted to present to their patrons with an authentic Thai dining experience in a 65-seat establishment originally located on Cambie St.

Who knew that over 30 years later, their dreams would expand with an impressive 175-seat establishment in the core of Downtown Vancouver. Retired in 2018, Sam and Joy now oversee Sala Thai while their son’s Bobby and Brian have taken over the reins of the Restaurant.

Sicilian Folkloristic Club of British Columbia

Experience Sicily through dessert.  You definitely want to taste these sumptious Cannoli Sicilliani.  They are so good, you want to get another one after the first bite.

Watch how this dessert is made.

Blissful Treats
Vegan Cupcakes

Newcomer and full-time homemaker, Davinder Kaur loves to bake for families and friends.  Her passion for baking has spun a line of organic vegan cupcakes.

An IT profession by trade, Kaur started Blissful Treats after moving to Canada from India.   Her cupcakes have garnered great reviews.  They are currently available in three flavours: chocolate, strawberry and coconut.

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