Silk Road Festival - Performer

Colours of Dance Academy Spotlights Diverse Chinese Performing Arts

Colours of Dance Academy specializes in the diversity of Chinese dance and is proud to promote the excellence in the Chinese performing arts in Canada.

Academy performers have been performing throughout Vancouver and international since 2002.  Over the years, they have participated and won many dance competitions locally and internationally.

Principal, Chen Ling is a First State Rank performer, a well-known choreographer and a dance educator. She graduated and taught at the Beijing Dance Academy.

She was the principal dancer in the classical chinese dance drama “ Xiao Dao Hui” and the ballet “Red Army Bride”. She has also performed numerous solos and leading roles that were highly received.

Individually and collectively, Chen Ling choreographed numerous dance dramas, song and dance dramas and dances. More than ten of her works were made into movies and some have been featured on televison specials. In addition, her works have been listed in the “Chinese Dance Dictionary”.

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