Silk Road Festival - Uighur Performers

Adalat Dance Company Presents Uyghur Culture

Uyghurs are a minority Turkic ethnic group from the East Turkestan region, known today as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.  It lies in the heart of Central Asia.

Adalat Omar and her team from the Adalat Dance Company will be showcasing Uyghur Traditional Folk Dances at the festival.

Omar is a Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Instructor.  She is a graduate from the Xinjiang Uyghur Art Institute’s Dance Faculty.

She is internationally renowned for her Professional Uyghur Traditional Dance and Middle Eastern Oriental Dance.

Omar was one of the main dancers on the popular TV series “Shimmy.” Adalat and Adalat Dance Company has performed, as a featured artist, with dance and music troupe around the world for many events, theatre production, festivals, including TVs and Movies.

Beautiful, captivating and colorful, a reflection Central Asia’s rich culture.

The vivacious performer currently performs throughout the Greater Vancouver area and holds Middle Eastern Oriental Dance and Uyghur Traditional Folk-Dance classes in a professional studio.

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