Silk Road Music Performers

VICO presents Silk Road Music – A Musical Celebration For All

Award winning Vancouver Ensemble: Silk Road Music who introduces audiences to different cultures through their experience, discoveries, and travels.

Qiu Xia He 何秋霞 originally from China plays Pipa 琵琶, accompanied by her husband André Thibault who was born in Montreal and plays Spanish Guitar, Middle Eastern Lute, and Asian flutes 吉他和路特, with a world renowned Vietnamese Dan Bau player: Bic Ngoc Hoang 越南独弦琴, Together, they are creating an exciting breed of multicultural music. A true acoustic musical wonder from Canada.

Qiu Xia He 何秋霞 Pipa 琵琶

She was born in Shaanxi, China, and taught the Pipa (Chinese lute) at the Xian Academy of Music. Since settling in Canada she has become a well-known virtuoso who has done everything from pipa solo concerts with several orchestras in America and Europe to festival touring around the world. Qiu Xia is currently leading Silk Road Music and is a faculty of the VSO music school.

André Thibault:Guitar and Oud 吉他和路特

Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist

Andre Thibault is well respected in the acoustic music world. He is a brilliant guitarist, whose fiery rhythms and stunning technique result from a unique blend of Flamenco and Moorish traditions coloured with jazz, classical, and world music.

Bic Ngoc Hoang: Dan Bau 越南独弦琴

She is an exceptional multi-instrumentalist, specializing on the Dan Bau (one stringed zither) and a number of rare instruments from Vietnam’s rural and mountainous regions. Bic began music training at 8. She graduated from Hanoi College of the Arts and Vietnam National Academy of Music. She has toured with Khac Chi Bamboo Music around the world in the past 25 years, in addition to solo appearances with orchestras.

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