Silk Road Festival Performers

Persian Group Brings Vibrant Silk Road Heritage to Life

Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkey are key countries along the ancient Silk Road.  Remnants of the caravan trade is very much alive in these nations.

The Persian community together with the support of local restaurateur and chef Fred Soofi has put together an exciting presentation to showcase the rich heritage of the Afghan, Iranian, Tajik and Turkish communities.

Persian Group Members

Fereshteh Zakery and dancers, Mohammad Amini and musicians, Sara Tabrizi and models.

Leading the Persian Group is Fereshteh Zakery.

Fereshteh Zakery

An energetic, physically fit and confident dance teacher, choreographer and performer who, through performances at more than fifty events, has a successful track record of improving students’ knowledge and understanding of dance.

Zakery holds recognized teaching qualifications and is experienced teaching all age groups. She not only fully understands the needs of students, but through dancing she is also able to quickly engage with other communities and connect to other cultures.

Her teaching repertoire includes Iranian Folklore, Adult Ballet, Persian Modern Dance, Belly, Azeri, Ballroom, Zumba, and Sama (Iranian classic and Sufi dance).

She is relentlessly results orientated, dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards across all curriculum key stages. She is now a member of the Advisory, Art Coordinator for BC Tirgan Event, Persian Art Coordinator for Silk Road Festival in Vancouver.

Performance Line-Up

Saturday, July 6: 7:00 – 7:30 pm

  • Fame Dance: Persian folklore by Leila Henareh, Fariba Kian, Melika Mozafari, Fariba Mirzaee, Melina Mozafari, and Fereshteh Zakery.
    – Kurdish Dance, choreographed by Fereshteh Zakery in consultation with Leila Henareh.  Dance styles: Akmali, Three Steps, Traditional Style  and Bojnoordi – Raghse Choob
    – Lori Dance choreographed by Fereshteh Zakery with Teema and Tara Marzban’s consultation in Khoramabadi and Bakhtiari styles: Sit Biarem, Lori Aroosi and Seepa Lori Bakhtiari
    – Azari (Turkish and Lezgi) Dance (Sanin Yadegarin style) and Gilani Dance, choreographed by Fereshteh Zakery.
  • Persian Contemporary Sama group performance: Khazan.  Composer: Parviz Meshkatian, Choreographer:  Fereshteh Zakery.
  • Persian Traditional Sama solo performance.  Shams Ensemble – Tahmoures Pournazeri, Farshad Jamali .  Performer: Melina Mozafari    Choreographer: Fereshteh Zakery
  • Contemporary-Traditional Sama solo performance: Hovalyar.  Amir Eslami, Mahboobeh Golzari, Maryam Khodabakhsh, Alireza Daryaee, Koroush Danayee

More Persian Group Performances on Sunday, July 07

Chakameh Group

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