Silk Road Festival - Performer

Flamenco Rosario Showcases Dances of Spain

Stomping feet and swaying skirts, this art form will evoke passion and energize your visual and audible sense. It’s passionate, seductive and shrouded in mystery.

Spain’s connection the Silk Road goes back to centuries.  “Spain is the only country in Western Europe that boast more than nine centuries of Eastern culture, according to

The country sits on the western end of the European Silk Road. It was from this Iberian Peninsula that the Silk Road land and maritime sea routes met and extended to the American continent (the New World).

The mingling of cultures along the Silk Road created new art forms as the trade routes pass thru different regions.

Flamenco has roots in the gypsy caravans of India.  The traditional song and dance of Andalucía in southern Spain is believed to have developed over several centuries from a fusion of various native Andalucian, Sephardic and Islamic cultures, as gypsies migrated into Spain in the 15th century.

At the Silk Road Festival, Flamenco Rosario will be presenting a traditional setup of Flamenco dance, called ‘Cuadro Flamenco’. This will involve dancers performing solos, duos and group work alongside live musicians.

The company continuously strives to nurture the form’s hybridized roots in Sephardic, Persian, Gypsy and Indian cultures as well as incorporate Spanish and Latin American influences on the style, in addition to the local environment of North America and Western Society.

This specific artistic drive is evident in the many Main Stage performances, guest artists selected to perform, community outreach activities and training local students are given. Most recent performances include “Quadrilogue Affective” (2015) and “La Monarca” (Premiered in 2015, toured in 2018).

Rosario Ancer Flamenco Arts Society (RAFAS) is an independent, non-profit society and a registered charity. The company presents the annual Vancouver International Flamenco Festival in September (in which these performers participate in various smaller events alongside international guest artists we bring in). Website with details of previous years:

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